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It's the weekend and I'm creeping with some friends.
When it hits 7 o'clock my fun has to always end.
I must come home before father gets home.
Usually when he's home I wish that I was alone.
I can't call 911 because he won't let me get the phone.

I hide from my father in the closet hoping he doesn't hear my cries.
I knew him for 9 years and I'm still very shy.
My mother left and I never got to say goodbye.
I tell God to send her my messages and hope that she replies.
I always dream of running away to never come back
because my life is loveless and full of heart attacks.

My father is gone. I'm not surprised. Today is the day I say goodbye.
I packed my bags and cleaned up my place.
I want to leave before he comes again and hit my face.
I found a pen and wrote a letter to tell him how I feel.
I'm leaving this place and don't you try to find me,
where ever I am going it is far from this field.
“Father, I'm gone now don't worry about me anymore....”
Tears filled my eyes, I couldn't finish the letter so I scurried out of the door.

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