I used to think that it was all about externalities,

Do anything to fit in and don't get mama mad at me, 

It didn't matter how I felt only how other people felt about me,

It didn't matter if I was comfortable in my skin or happy, 

All it took was one person to say they liked my curls, 

To change my whole perspective on how I view myself and the world,

I didn't wanna straighten it everyday now to look like the other girls, 

I felt unique and different and like I could rule the world, 

I still had many challenges that I'd face, 

Like boys not liking me and saying its because my weight,

But after a long time I realized that it was worth the wait, 

I shouldn't conform to the norm just to get a date, 

I started listening to music that empowered me, 

I started seeing black girls and women on the tv, 

And I finally realized that I'm beautiful the way I am, 

I don't need makeup, a diet, or a man, 

All I need is to be the person I know I am,


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