This is me always and forever


United States
33° 40' 59.5848" N, 84° 26' 55.5792" W

He speaks words of wisdom, love, and joyfulness
peace is his home and he roams with grace as his swagger
looking in from his window he is ordinary to the hues of the human eye
but in his mind he is standing in the doorway of space and time
on the intersection of hours, minutes, seconds, and split seconds

This man is a man of his word and his words form like a full body armored suit
so he writes lining each line with his creativity parts and pieces of himself
because when he picks up a pencil its like he is watching the earth move
and from 6 to 18 he knew he had this creativity shaping and forming taking over
its safe to say its Gods gift

Loving life with his creativity diverse and every powerful poem
uttered with no rehearse
he is linked up to poetry and music is his outlet
the sunsets and he begins to write
and his thoughts rise up like a family sitting down for a family meal

And this is me with my creativity from the start
and people throw negative comments
but those are ninja stars that will not pierce my heart
because my words form like armor to protect and keep the hate away
and i will remain speaking words of wisdom, love, and joyfulness
because this is who i am
i am me and i will always and forever
and its safe to say that writing is in my blood i call it my poetry blood cells
and this ladies and gentlemen is why i love to write
and to poetry till death do us part


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