Death sad grief missing you love you

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Dear whomever it concerns, When can she leave? she's already been here for seven months.  Please let her come home.  surely she should be fine by now, right   Dear whomever t concerns,
  Tough as can be Running wild and free Roaming the plains Holding the reigns Feeling the breeze in the air
November 16, 2017 
—  There’s never a day you don’t cross my mind. —  As small as a word, to a memory relinked. —  It’s only been a few years but I swear,
Every thought leads right back to you. I can’t breathe without thinking you should be here. I can’t live a life without you. You are every breath, dream, and hope I have.
Everyone finds different hobbies and task therapeutic.
hearing you giggle a bit  
This heartache pain can drive one insane But it’s because of you I stay strong Here we stand hand in hand Singing of your life’s lovely song Pops you inspire us all when we feel small
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