Every thought leads right back to you.

I can’t breathe without thinking you should be here.

I can’t live a life without you.

You are every breath, dream, and hope I have.

I want nothing more than to spend eternity with your amazing soul!

Will I ever be granted that?

I hope so, because a life without you isn’t a life at all.

Then it came, the truth.

You wanted me as much as I wanted you.

We were great!

I was in a bliss that I thought would never end.

But it did!

I can’t live without you, nor do I want to.

You left!

You are so far away yet still so close.

Your headstone isn’t comforting like you.

People must think I am mental talking to a stone.

I miss you.

Life without you is so dull, mediocre, and not really LIFE.

Death can be a cruel thing.

You sure made me see the beauty in the little things.

Living without you isn’t something I am equipped to do.

Come back to me.

You and I are meant to be together.

But I know you would want me to live more than ever!

I love you!

Rest in sweet paradise and I’ll meet you there one day!

It will be a gorgeous reunion of two souls.

I don’t know how to live without you but I will.

I will live for YOU!

You, are my drive!

Have sweet slumbers forever my love.


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