Dear Mom,

November 16, 2017 

Dear Mom, 


Your were here one second,  

Then you were gone.  

You disappeared, 

You vanished  

Off the face of the Earth,  

To a place I couldn’t even begin to imagine. 

Did you Chose to go, 

And leave us behind? 

Or was it not up to you? 

Did you mean to leave behind, 

Your kids  

Your family 

Your life-long friends? 

Did you mean to get a tear in your heart 

That cost you your precious life? 

Did you mean to leave behind  

Your daughter, 

Who believed you were her best friend. 

Who always wants to make you proud of her, 

Who always does her best 

But never feels like it's enough, 

For her family? 

Did you mean to leave her as your legacy? 

Did you mean to put her in charge, 

Of keeping your memory alive? 

To put her in charge of keeping you 

In your family's hearts? 

Making sure they don’t forget about you 

And who you were? 


Do you miss us? 

Do you care about the ones you left behind? 

Do you still love us? 

Or do you not feel anymore emotions? 

Do you wish you were still here, 

Instead of wherever you went? 

Are you proud,  

Of who your kids are becoming? 

Do you wish you were here? 

For the graduations 

The school dances, 

The biggest life achievements? 

Are you sad you missed them? 


Are you happy? 

Are you safe? 

Are you proud? 

These are only a few 

Of the millions of questions  

That I've had for you  

These past four years you’ve been gone 

I miss you mom, 


Love your Baby girl. 


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My family
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