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How did I spend so long dreaming Thinking I was worthy of...love What disease caused this vile idea to spread in my head that I was anything but unwanted
Have you ever felt wanted, Just to realize that you weren’t? Have you ever felt loved, Just to be told that you aren’t Have you ever been happy,
i'm running out, of things to say. there's nothing left, but empty space. got ink for blood, and wire veins, and one more bullet  for my brain.
My family and I have been through some rough times, but them kicking me out is the worst part They left me confused, feeling unwanted and with a broken heart I'm going to have to find new ways to let all of this pain out
Dear, the unwanted note on my whiteboard,   You stated, "Shut the fuck up cuz"   You were staring at me.  
How many times do I have to slit my wrists to get rid of the poisoned blood in my veins. It was once believed most issues could be cured by draining the infected blood.  So how many scars must my body endure
Unwanted, I feel unwanted like a useless  plastic bag floating in the wind.
I just want to know what it feels like To matter.   To matter to someone, something, I just want to know how it feels.   It seems like everyday I make everyone feel appreciated, Feel wanted,
There exists a division, splitting up my left arm, Cutting to the bones of my wrist,
All my cries
Bullying is the worst evil It can make you bleed It can make you feeble It strips away your confidence It can destroy honest men It steals from the poor It preys on all fours
I am not the rain on a tin roof,  I am a blanket that never keeps your feet warm at night.  I am the uneven barstool at 2 am,  And the kiss that doesn't quite feel right.   
No one knows, no one understands. The pain I feel. I wonder everyday why you left my side. I know it wasn't your time to go, everyone keeps saying it was. But who are you to say when it's time for an innocent man to go away to heaven.
Sitting alone Knowing what I have done
What is this thing called life? Like a bittersweet candy that leaves a bad taste on my tongue. I never asked for it.   I'm sorry if I sound unappreciative, But I don't want something that I don't deserve.
Your touch was spiraling. Your warmth was craved.
Go put some makeup on; hide behind your mask. Put on your smile every morning; because then they'll never know nor will they ask. Hear what they think; but never what they say.
I do not want you anymore. Why are you still here? Clogging up my pores, clogging up my hairs, follicles, and fears. You want my tears? Well, you can't even have those.
dreary nights pass before mei lay in a bed of flowersi feel a nuisance to everyoneas Ive wonder what i ve done wrongi think of nothing severmy heart pounding in my chestracing as i contemplate
I once thought of you as my father Although your blood doesn't run through my veins That's what I claimed But then one day; Like glass shattering, something snapped in you You took advantage of me
Small and vulnerable, she listened to you. You showed her, made her believe your love was true. She didn't ask for this.
I let the chills take over The feeling of being unwanted A storm raining on my parade For my feelings came crashing down Raining confessions Of how I was truly feeling about my imperfections
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