How did I spend so long dreaming


I was worthy of...love

What disease caused this vile idea to spread in my head that I was anything but unwanted


I am the rain that invades a sunny day

Bothersome, yet present

Hated, yet relentless

Clinging onto hope that I bring some form of comfort

I am the song of the mockingbird

Thought to be beautiful, frolicsome

Only to provide wretchedness, disgust

I am a used napkin

Only important in the moment


I am a forgotten memory because I am easy to forget

All that I am worth is being emptied out of one’s mind

Bringing them peace

I am worth all that lurks in the shadows

Waiting to be pulled into the light but not deserving of

I am worth the hatred

The loathe

The loneliness

The emptiness

The darkness

I deserve it

I crave it

I am

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