A Rape Story


All my cries

All my pleases

All my yells

All my screams

And he still didn't STOP!

Felt like he wasn't listening to me.

So i gave up.

And i let him, which was really them, do they thing.


He made me feel safe in his presents.

But i guess when i  said "NO! I have to go"

It was like the devil redeemed.



He push me to the wall.

Wrapped his hands around my throat.

I told him "Let me go"

He said "No"

And then i couldn't breath no more.


I guess he saw me turning red.

So he took me to his bed.

Tried to take off my clothes.

But i punched him in his nose.

Guess it kind of hurt, because his feelings started to show.


He started hitting me and hitting me.

I tried to fight back.

Guess he didn't like that.


Now his hands are covered in blood, and his face look soooo evil.

I thought i was going to die.

But i guess god heard my cries.

He finally stop, but i didn't say he was finish.

Felt his left hand on my breast, and his right hand in my pants.


I was still in shock.

Didn't know if i should stop him or just stare at the clock.


I remember the room clear as day.

The clock that said 2:54, in mid day.

Tears coming down my eyes, but he didn't look so surprised.

So i'm guessing this wasn't his first time doing this crime.

I guess he thought i was complying, and he got off the top of me.

Pulled my pants down to the bottom of me.

gave his tongue a taste and then his fingers started to come to play.


My legs started to shake, it was a natural reaction you could say.

He started to laugh, and said "Bae, you ok?"

I really didn't want to answer, but the words came to say.

"Yes" and his name.


I told him what he wanted to hear, hoping i would go home soon.


He started to lift me shirt with his nose, as his tongue still tasting my skin.


As his lips covered my nipple, and his tongue got a lick.

He started to stick the tip in.


Once he was inside you could hear what i call a cry.

But he thought it was a moan, so he kept it going.


As he thrust against my vagina, i could hear him say "Damn".

So he lifted my legs up and started to go ham. 


I was in pain.

But he was loving it thought. 

It was a shame.

I was only 15 years old. 




 By Chilynn Hart 


Email; chilynnhart63@gmail.com 









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