I am not the rain on a tin roof, 
I am a blanket that never keeps your feet warm at night. 
I am the uneven barstool at 2 am, 
And the kiss that doesn't quite feel right. 
I am not stuck between a rock and a hard place,
I am dancing with strangers in a sold out show 
I am that corner where nobody goes. 
I am not dancing on the rooftop, 
I am a breakdown in a silent room, 
Where everyone seems to be watching you. 
I am not the beautiful freckled redhead,
I am the mess of tangled madness 
And the chaos emanates from my eyes. 
You can see my madness in your surmise
I can see your fear that strikes you in the drive 
I can feel the want against my thighs 
As the anger builds for each of his failed tries.



This poem was previously published on my blog, justplainizzi.blogspot.com

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