Romeo and Juliet

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Juliet 12:34 AM: Romeo? Juliet 12:35 AM: Romeo! Juliet 12:35 AM: Where for art thou?! Juliet 12:37 AM: ROMEO, WHY WONNE'TH THEE ANSWER MY TEXTS?!
Words, words, words… As Hamlet said in his primal tale Words that prints heavenly fables that adjoins one’s appeal
waltzing, with clarity, with passion the body moves how the voice knows not to speak with one’s feet paints a most vibrant picture of the soul   reach out, extend the arms a welcoming embrace
When I was a little girl, I would pray. With my eyes wide open and my head tilted back in wonder, Struggling to soak up every ounce of happiness and sunshine I could
Stuck in the verge of fear panicked at the sight of death shrieking screams fills the air with no one in sight to hear this water so fierce and deadly embrace my almost lifeless body searching for air
We'll never kiss and we'll never touch Love born from familial hate Has led to this lovers' tragedy A story told upon the ages. My love, my friend, my neighbour Never shall you leave my side
I wish I didn't feel this way toward my ill-fated lover. The croosing stars. The swirling clouds. The potion is key. The key to unity. The key to freedom. The key to love.
Life is not a poem. Any irony, foreshadowing, or rhyme scheme is accidental. You can’t read out my life in neat little stanzas and peal back the meanings one by one.
Enter Eugene. Eugene- Why do they make fun at what they don’t understand? Ah! It’s Rapunzel in her tower window, Her golden hair as bright as the Sun.
You had the bullets, 
We were Romeo and Juliet, My depression and me, Me and my depression.   A tragically beautiful romance Of star-crossed lovers,
With our fingers intertwined,our fate that forever binds,you are this love of mine.Bear in mind,though our hearts may not be combined,I will never leave you behind.In another state of mind,
A dancer delicately flutters, Tiptoes, Pirouettes along the fibers in my mind, Still suspended in the limbo of REM, dreaming and lusting to put power to words. Match the brunt force and desire.
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