Tangled - The Deleted Scene

Enter Eugene.

Eugene- Why do they make fun at what they don’t understand?

Ah! It’s Rapunzel in her tower window,

Her golden hair as bright as the Sun.

She is more beautiful than any other maiden I’ve laid eyes upon,

They are lifeless compared to her.

I wish she would let me up there,

If only she wouldn’t clobber me with her frying pan!

Rapunzel- I know Pascal.

Eugene- She’s talking to her pet chameleon again.

Rapunzel- I miss Eugene, although why should he be known as Flynn?

He helped me so he’s not a total thief and villain!

He’s not so bad once you get to know him.

I just wish he would know I love him,

Then I could get out of this tower for good!

Eugene- Aside.                        Should I stop her or let her keep talking? ‘Cause my ears are loving this.

Rapunzel- Flynn isn’t his real name,

It’s his reputation and face with Flynn that everyone knows.

They all see him as a wanted thief,

But I see him as Eugene Fitzherbert not Flynn Rider.

I love him either way.

Eugene- Shouting - Yes I know you love me.

What’s stopping you from getting out of that tower now?

Rapunzel- Flynn?! Is that you?

Eugene- I’d prefer if you call me Eugene, Blondie.

And you know it!

Rapunzel- It is you!

Eugene- As I live and breathe!

Rapunzel- How did you find the tower again? And why?

You’re in danger here,

My... Gothel will kill you if she finds you here!

Eugene- I don’t care about her,

And I will never forget the way here.

Not while I love the fair maiden who resides here.

Rapunzel- I don’t know where Gothel is,

If she sees you, you’ll die!

Eugene- Relax, Rapunzel!

I’ll be alright.

Rapunzel- I can’t relax, Eugene! Not when I don’t know when Gothel will return.

Eugene- I’m safe in the bushes,

And I have a good view of the secret entrance.

But I would rather die than be afraid of Gothel’s wrath.

Rapunzel- How did you know I would still be here?

Eugene- I didn’t think you would be anywhere else, Rapunzel.

I found you here once,

And here you are again.

Rapunzel- Eugene I ---

I’ve fallen in love with you!

I know it was really only two days that we had together,

And we hardly know each other otherwise,

But I care about you so much.

But you left me!

Why would you leave me if you love me?

That I don’t understand!

So tell me that I’m wrong Eugene!

And if you don’t then I’ll forget the last two days ever happened,

Aside.              Which will be impossible.

Eugene- I promise you that I had every intention of coming back.

I can’t imagine how confused you must be,

I came here to assure you that yes, I love you.

I wish we had a million more days like yesterday so I could spend them all with you.

Rapunzel- How can I still trust you?

Eugene- You know me better than anyone has in a long time.

Rapunzel- That’s not that reassuring, Flynn.

Eugene- When I promise something, I never break that promise, EVER!

Rapunzel- I can’t believe this is happening!

It’s all so sudden, but it’s wonderfully sweet!

Eugene- Can I ask you something?

Rapunzel- Yes?

Eugene- If I rescue you again from this tower of yours,

Would you be my bride?

Rapunzel- If I should ever be so lucky, then yes!

Eugene- What are you waiting for?

Rapunzel- I love you so much,

But Gothel needs me and she’ll do anything to keep me here in the tower.

I finally found where I belong but she’s going to keep me for herself!

Gothel enters the secret passage way.

Oh no! Gothel has come back!

Eugene- You have to act natural! I’ll figure out a way to get to you!

Rapunzel- Eugene, please don’t leave me again.

Now that you’re here I’m afraid I’ll never see you again.

But I have your promise!

So I trust you.

Goodbye.                                                                            Rapunzel Exits into the tower.


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