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One must imagine that humanity was happy.  One must imagine that humanity was cheerful. One must imagine that humanity was ambitious. 
I refuse to submit to the brainwashing of Faith.  I am liberated through The world;  I am limited by Religious culture. To live, I thrive off of beautiful things like
I don't need Humanism  To be good, I require only God.  I don't need man-made distractions such as Technology and modern advancements  To live, I thrive off of beautiful things like
there is the power of man and there is the will of God when the two do not pursue the same method tragedy is necessary   I am a tragedy;
Science: I need this. But I'm afraid it does not  Quite fit the boundaries Because it is not only  One Thing.   Science is beauty
Over time, “human” became a synonym for “flawed,”
Disguises for hypocrisy. Blinded by democracy. Honestly, do We know why We go to war and children die? Contradicting insanity - Thou shalt not kill, all of humanity. 
I've tried to make sense of it all, but reasoning fails, which leaves me falling down again, to where I began to misunderstand this life.   If the only absolute is the knowledge that there's no truth,
I wonder if Piotyr knows How beautiful is his watercolor sky. I wonder if it ever makes him Just sit and sit and sit and cry To know all that happens beneath his sky. And I wonder if he ever asks himself:
Once upon a time, I had felt a rhyme. When I feel I’m behind, should I express my mind? When a bird falls, it knows to fly. Without it’s mom’s calls, it soars to the sky.
Am I moving in the right direction? Are you all here, or are you just a reflection? Or am I a reflection of you, even if I am does that change the view? I am me and me is you. All the same being with one consciousness; skewed.
Organization and age make things true: The indubitable, untouchable motto and slogan of our world’s understandably irrational population— A population that postulates a prescription of a promise for a better future,
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