On the Utility of the Machine

Sat, 03/30/2013 - 20:09 -- sloatda


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Organization and age make things true:

The indubitable, untouchable motto and slogan of our world’s understandably irrational population—

A population that postulates a prescription of a promise for a better future,

Not because they were born clingy, but because they were raised to need a comfort only attainable through the supernatural—

And if organization, age, and stout structure instigate truth:

Why not fall into step with melodies considered ridiculous and childish by our current culture: Hans Christian Anderson’s parables or Aesop’s fables?

Why do we need the rewards of eternal happiness or the threat of interminable punishment in order to enact mere kindness and civility toward our fellow humans?

No matter who’s deaf, or more accurately, selectively permeable ears this song pierces,

The intangible gears of the machine that never accumulate rust will maintain their nonsensical twisting:

Achieving the perpetual motion of Renaissance dreams.


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