My Dream Job


My sister and I have never been close.  When she was in high school, and I was in middle school, we barely talked at all, except at the dinner table or a not-so-occasional quarrel.  When she left for college, I could not have been more relieved.  Everything changed when I found a letter she wrote to my mom.  I shouldn't have read it...but if I hadn't my life would be so different.  

The letter was about how depressed she was and how her anxiety problems, which I had never known about, were getting worse.  My sister has always been social so it was a surprise to me when I read in her letter that she was anxious all the time.  She is also the kind of person to always make you laugh.  Depressed? It couldn't be so!  I never talked to anyone about seeing the letter. 

Two years passed and I myself started feeling depressed.  I had a desperate need for someone who would understand my situation.  I asked my sister if we could go for a drive and we went to a deserted park where, in tears, I told her I was suicidal and depressed.  Because I read her letter, I felt like I had someone to turn to.  And after that, our relationship grew stronger.

Today my sister and I are best friends.  We call eachother every week (she is living 2 hours away from me) and always have a good time when we hang out.  

You're probably wondering what this has to do with my dream job?  

My sister is a graphic design major.  Her finding her passion inspired me to do the things  love to do.  So this senior year...I took Web Design.  I finally found my passion.  I plan on majoring in Computer Science and Business.  My dream job is to work with my best friend, my sister, doing what we love to do and design websites for companies or just doing freelancing jobs. 


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