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  Shed the skin of the colonizer As if it is not also mine   As if the blood coursing through me did not also  pool along the legs of Malintze   
The hood also known as the ghetto, el barrio, the projects, section 8 and home. A place where family functions don't end till the next day.
  A poem inspired by the militarization of the border as well as the Chicano Movement.     Las hierlas  
All I need is my culture. The blood of the Meshika flows through my veins Know that my ancestors were not the Aztecs, For that name was coined by the European imperialist
Yo soy Chicano I am Chicano My brown skin hides the stories running through my blood So that you hafta get to know me to learn from me
  Will I be taught about the erased history Of the blood spill of racial oppression? The native, slave, Chinese, Irish story. Erased by the whites without redemption   Born in San Diego, I am Mexican.
"They said I would be accepted once again, If I accept the Anglonization, and reject that my roots are N-D-N. Well all I can say is Death before Dishonor, Thus I must find my flame
This White American conscious superior, benevolent, controlling our future White heart, white mind, white hands shape us, for better or worse How can we not be flawed?
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