Yo soy Chicano

I am Chicano

My brown skin hides the stories running through my blood

So that you hafta get to know me to learn from me

I'll teach you

Teach you about my culture

I'll take you through my story

And by the time I’m done

You'll know what to tell them when they ask you who I am

You'll tell them

El es la Luna

He is the moon lighting up the darkness of the night

He wears his last name proud

Never forgetting his roots

He's a love-hound

A hopeless romantic

He weaves lines together to attach his heart to another's

I want them to know that I am a son

Got thrown into a broken family

Struggle after struggle

But I still won

I am a survivor

Man, I'm insane

I put up with all the pain

But I'm still going

I'm still at war

I'll always be a minority

never be anybody's priority

So call me an advocate

And I'll stand up for your rights

Because in the end, it's all the same fight

I'll inspire you

Teach you how to hope

Think of a new tomorrow

A better yesterday

I'm a five feet tall perfect image of what it means to free

Thanks to those who are helping me succeed

Now let me show you how well I take the lead

Just tell me what you need

But remember to tell them that I'm Chicano

But I'm still educated and opinionated

They can’t just write me off because my body is filled with color

I am the voice for all those who were given up on

The rope that helps them climb back up

I change the world

One soul at a time

Tell that I am a warning

A warning to all those who don't believe in us

A foreshadow of our rising up

We've had enough

I'll hold every hand if needed

Don't forget that we are just starting

And by the time we're done with our mission

There'll be no need for wishing

Nothing will be impossible

We will be unstoppable

We're like the little engines who couldn't but somehow managed to still do it

Paint them a picture of our scars

Then another of our broken hearts

Show them that our hearts beat in unison

Together we stood as one,

Even after death

Tell them of all our obstacles

Tell them that we are the blood shed from all the wars our people have fought

And those that we have yet to fight

That I am fortune teller

I tell stories of the future

Every time I look into someone's eyes

I can tell that their next in line

Close to doing something that's hard to define

Greater than Einstein

Remind them again of how we are the lights of the night

And finish it off by telling them

Que somos su futuro

We are their future


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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