All I need is my culture.

The blood of the Meshika flows through my veins

Know that my ancestors were not the Aztecs,

For that name was coined by the European imperialist

Who did not understand our native language.


All I need is my culture.

We were the Brazeros that came to work,

We came for a better life,

We came to your relief,

But they only perceived us as replaceable tools.


All I need is my culture.

Cesar Chavez marched down the streets like MLK

With shoes full of pain, repent was his goal

From this catalyzed our plan of equality

The scarlet flag with the valiant eagle for the first time soared.

Our boots and sombreros were finally payed attention to.


All I need is my culture.

Los Angeles, the epicenter of Latino culture.

Yet, they only gave us vocational education.

“Why take away their quiet passivity” they said as an excuse,

So, we walked out.

On the first day,

And the second,

All the way to two weeks.

Beaten and abused, by those supposed to protect us

Yet we succeeded.

Now we see color in places of power and government.


All I need is my culture.

“El Moviemento”, The movement

Here came the name “Chicano”

For we are not Aztecs, but rather Mechika

The emphasis is in the “chi”

Strength, starts the name,

Then follows the “cano” representing our state of being.


All I need is my culture.

We have a place on the supreme court

Sotomayor, means above the trees,

We have made it to the sky


We aren't as high as we need to be.


All I need is my culture.

For families are being separated in my own community.

“Safe communities” is the name of the home wrecker

The law that caused my father to be taken away.

The law that made my friends lose their fathers




And Friends.

Just so they can feel “safe”

From what?

My culture is what makes me feel safe.

But it terrifies them.


All I need is my culture.

When I wanted to join my grandfather in the afterlife,

When I held that rope

Scorching tears running down my face

But I couldn't,

It wasn't my time,

I still need to be a part of history

I still need to be a symbol of my culture.


All I need is my culture.

As I will be a symbol,

A figure,

An epidemy.


All I need is my culture.

For it has made me who I am.


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