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A Pokémon that has evolved into something great but they say its bad because of its weight they say pikachu is better i would give raichu a friend letter for who wouldn't say raichu is unique
A Raichu that is sad For a Darkrai becoming bad love can be astrange for ya lad but for two Pokémon to be inove and glad its a great love connection not to ged mad for a Pokémon will soon become a dad
Charnanders are red. Squirtles are blue. If you were a Pokemon, I’d choose you. Your smile is stronger Than a Hyperbeam Like Jesse and James, We’d make the perfect team.
Real life is around the corner and I think I am not prepared. Its capricious, crazy, and something to be feared.
My favorite pokemon is ditto He is purple, goey, and little
Anime ranges from that of an adorable Pokemon To that of a sleek, beautiful, yet very deadly Black Butler,
Poem ------------------------------------------------------------
I never thought I’d amount to much, Not to my parents, not to my family, Not to any of the people who cared. Life had no purpose, no meaning,
To the little girls with Hess trucks The ones who though that Power Ranger were cool and Pokemon were too The ones who never really grew out of wearing bagging jeans and t-shirts This is for you.
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