A Pokemon Love Story


Charmeleon is red, Squirtle is blue,
Our love is forever like the life of MewTwo,
If you were Ash, i'd be your Pikachu,
I'll Rock smash anyone that ever hurts you :)
We're like Jesse and James, the perfect team,
Awkward, nerdy, funny, and lame, its like a dream,
So many magikarp in the sea, but please,
You're my shining star, brighter than Chimchar,
I don't need a Ho - Oh girl i got you,
You are more legendary than Mew,
I could catch any of over 702,
But instead, I happily choose you.
I only write once, well this is what matters,
To me its her, no one else there could be,
I don't care if this sounds very cheesy,
At least i have the balls to write this, so please,
I know this isn't quite an issue, controversial,
But this is what matters to me, impact is exponential,
You don't have to drink together or smoke weed,
Sometimes all a couple needs is to relax,
Maybe not quite to the point of Snorlax, 
But letting loose is something any couple could use,
I wrote this without a pattern,
Rhymes as random as the rings of Saturn,
To show we should enjoy the other's company,
Today theyre here, but tomorrow where will they be?
Life can take them away faster than it gave,
Cherish the moment, its yours, so own it,
Enjoy and appreciate, tomorrow could be too late,
I freestyle hoping to bring a smile to her face,
I'm also hoping this is enough to win me first place. 
Thank you for reading!!



I love your poem and pokemon!


Thank you!


This is Adorable.  I love it.  Keep writing!

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