Not Alone

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Alone is false Do not use it Not here Not ever   I am Alone By subtracting my friends By subtracting my family
hey you,yes you, the person reading this?I've been there too you know.swept under by the waves of depressioncrippled by dark thoughts curled up on the floor as sobs raked through my body
Someone told me to write a song about confidenceBut it's something I have a problem withWhat's the point in believing in yourselfIf you continue to get help from someone elseI tryI cryI look up to the sky
Step up to the mic Testing one, two, three Center stage everyone  Wait, but there are no people to see   All of a sudden a voice is heard “Look around my dear” So I do, I see nothing, so I reply
I do something small  And it turns into an elephant sitting on my head These words I hear A hammer beating me down I don't like myself My insecurities screaming so loud  Nobody likes you 
Dear Hunter,   The name of the person who had used the computer before me, Had been Hunter McDonald.   There I was in the computer lab, Sitting in front of my assigned computer,
I understand what you’ve been through it’s horrible stuff. I know your smile is a mask, an attempt to look tough.
Hold me tight tonight Don't let me go Hold me tight tonight As fat tears flow Hold me tight tonight As my sorrows grow Hold me tight tonight Please pull me close Hold me tight tonight
I’m not alone. All I have are your words, your vibrations, From this world     
I've kept quiet for months thinking I got better, thinking "this is fine now, I'm fine now, life is decent now."  Oh a fool with eyes shut and ears covered knows just as well as I do this is long term.
How do I sound? Through the smile I place on my face Sometimes I sound like tears (I’m choking back) From the strain of all of this weight on my shoulders
Out the window, carried on clouds On a day so listless I can't hear a sound Silence so loud no thoughts are clear
  is there some unwritten law that states crying is wrong can we not cry in public for all to see is it wrong to show emotion whenever we feel raw can we cram it into a song
A world with no style would be astronomical With no one caring what you wear But life in this generation is just too different It's not about what you like to wear
Twilight engulfs me. I lose myself within its shadows. I no longer exist. I am part of the faceless dark. I hate the night.
Beneath the moonlight I make my way, Clearing out the fog From the glare of day. The darkness tempts But does not take. She dances to me, But does not seduce. I do not deny her,
He didn't even know me. he passed me by like a river's torrent smoothly, he grumbled, "Nice shirt FAG!"
I am a girl who loves a girl And believes in the Bible too There’s a fight in my head It’s not a fight to the death It’s a fight to realize who Knows what it means to love. Man shall not lay with man
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