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  Even in its drunken state, the dragon seemed awake. Those fierce jaws gaped wide, Blood and saliva dripping down, And its tongue rolled in lust after my flesh.
As soon as the rosy-lining of sun appeared, The children sprang from their homes and met at the center. Their soiled feet pounded the stone pathways, alerting the
There once was a peaceful creature hidden away in a sweet cedar forest. The forest was ancient with beautiful features, but never a stranger or tourist  
  Sans is Pretty dang cool He is very epic Because he is a skeleton So yeah SwaGgy    
The Great Mason the mason, Son of the greatest great of all the greats Darryl, wisest wise of all the wise Christy, Heir to the hearth of Strand, to whom he owes his spoils,
So, she took the kids. But I took the fortnite dub. Now this is epic.
Atlas fades on stormy days A tortured burden he must bear But now the birds of song are gone Descending the depths of despair  
Everyone and everything here is old; archaic.The new things and people are but copies of generations before.Arranged a little differently, perhaps.They are restored classics; cliché- yet contemporary; chic.
Sing in me Muse, And through me tell the story  Of a girl, who slowly changed who she was And ended up being betrayed by her best  friend. This is her story... Day by day, I thought of
Get close and get comfortable we are about to depart. - Anywhere is just fine, name a time and place. There are no boundaries. - Everywhere and at any given moment... -
Gen’rally, as pirates go There’s something that you ought to know If you’re looking for some friendly sands, Don’t winter down at Ireland   There’s a Scottish Scourge, by name MacCaddock 
Here comes to us, at powerful speedA warrior on his valiant steedWho will never in a thousand years recedeAbout to perform a noble deedWith his majestic battle corpsWith confidence eager and secure
Today it rained A rain of fear But no clouds, The sky was clear
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