A BeoWulf Boast

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The Great Mason the mason,

Son of the greatest great of all the greats Darryl, wisest wise of all the wise Christy,

Heir to the hearth of Strand, to whom he owes his spoils,

Wields with willful strength the pencil of wisdom.

With youthful yearning yielding to none,

Mason set sight on the spoils of wisdom.

In a quest for the scholarly land of the high castle Collage.

With fate bearing back upon his bone,

God grant him strength to surmount the slippery slithering slope,

The deadly dreaded doom of high halls of Caneon.

There, he encounters the four vainly volatile vanguards,

Who guard the golden gates of passage.

“He who enters here shall first vanquish the vain to reach the High Castle.”,

Below the two foreman Freshman and Sophomore. The Great Mason, ever the wise,

Fooled by few, heaves high his pencil, he writes with words wiser than all his years.

“I need not a sword to vanquish the volatile, I need only the words of the wise.”

So surprised were Freshman and Sophomore that they laughed,

They met with swiftness the gates of doom found beneath the dreaded Caneon.

Yet Mason could yet celebrate his victory.

Thrice his Freshman, Junior surmounted the two brothers in all traits.

Mason, knowing this fact, threw all his might behind the vain Junior.

So vain was he in his own insurmountable power,

Junior saw not his impending fate at the hands of the wise.

And so with insurmountable speed,

Junior fell forward from behind into the gates of doom.

For his final task, he must vanquish Senior, twice tall brother Junior,

Thrice size brother Sophomore, four scores seven years Senior brother Freshman.

Senior, no fool himself, demanded of the Great Mason an essay,

Before he even twice thought of opening the golden gates to the high castle.

For once, however, his pencil failed him. Broken mid-stride,

Mason knew he must rely on wit alone.

Now experienced in the ways of Caneon and Collage,

Mason crafted with swift hands a perfection of a speech,

Delivered to the gods of Collage alone.

The speech was so great, even the highest god of all the gods of collage was impressed.

Thus, volatile Senior fell with his brethren to the doomed gates,

The Great Mason the mason passed unimpeded into the gates of collage,

Endowed forever with the spoils of victory, until called upon once more.


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