My Expedition Compulsion

Mon, 03/28/2016 - 21:00 -- Gasu21

Get close and get comfortable
we are about to depart.
Anywhere is just fine,
name a time and place.
There are no boundaries.
Everywhere and at any given moment...
Greed sprouts from a fertile mind,
plans are hatched and so
lies shroud
the delicate secrets,
the dangers lurking in the mist.
The atmosphere festers with potential
and chaos whispers "now",
Lives are cracked open
to allow their treasures to spill out
into cruel and hungry hands.
All joy has evaporated instantly.
Loss sinks into some cleverly hidden abyss
Inflamed hearts now throb with the pain of living on.
Hope says its farewells,
taking with it the guiding lights once treasured.
Misery congregates around the meager campfire
providing a fragment of the familiar to cling to.
"Morality like stone
will either hold true or break
for it does not bend."
The embers of revenge glow,
enticing those who are injured into a delusion that they
are eager to chase....Victory.
Anger roars from its smoldering cloud
Without any warning
retaliation is launched from its resting place of gunpowder and rage
raining down justified fury!
The rains ride in to smother the cinders of war,
washing the ashes of what used to be into the soil.
Morning ushers in the radiance needed,
so that all manner of things can begin to sprout once more.
I ask you to share with me;
your stories,
your epics,
your histories,
your legends.
Reveal to me the intricacies of humanity!
There is so much there in those tales
fiction or not.
Without them?
The gears that move me will rust together,
and stagnation is the beacon of the reaper.

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