Epic: Betrayal and Overcoming

Wed, 06/22/2016 - 22:05 -- JLozada


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Sing in me Muse,

And through me tell the story 

Of a girl, who slowly changed who she was

And ended up being betrayed by her best 


This is her story...

Day by day, I thought of

Tranforming who I was

Into something adored by many

Not an easy task for someone living

In someone else's shadow.

Little by little,

I left the wicked shadows

And created my own realm of light. 

But leaving the shadows, told another 


Wickedness follwed wherever I was,

Whenever I chose my own path,

The witch appeared. 

Angered, hatred, jealousy, 

All wicked things that could only be

Brought upon by the darkest hearts.

By doing so, she brought her own downfall.

Every day she tested my limits, 

And every time I proved her wrong

I took down each of my opponents

Leaving her for last. 

She knew I was coming for her

So it scared her even more

When I got to her

It was too late

She had turned

Into a monster

Destroying anyone and aything in sight.

Of course all fingers were at me

But she messed with a girl,

Who was placed into burning flames

And walked out unharmed every time.

Now a year went by

My story of metamorphisis has just begun.

But hers had not, it 

Started once again

Now whose to blame?

Accoring to her

I disappeared.

So if I'm gone,

Whose walking through the fire now?

And why does my name bring terror

Into her heart?

Your wickedness

In my transformation,

This is for all of you

Tell me I can't do something

I'll prove you wrong

Call me any name you want

I'm used to it.


My true form

Is my own creation. 

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