The Epic of Humbaba

There once was a peaceful creature hidden away in a sweet cedar forest. The forest was ancient with beautiful features, but never a stranger or tourist


He lived all alone with a cave for a home and slept through the night, but was ready to fight.


Enlil was the name of his father, the god of earth, wind, and air. He told him to let the woods prosper and to keep out the mortals from there


He took care of the trees while men called him a beast. Didn’t know what he said, but mortals wanted him dead.


He spent every day out in nature saving animals from the weapons of mortals even when his life was in danger, he knew how to stick to his morals.


Humbaba committed no crime, yet two men demanded he die. Their names, Gilgamesh and Enkidu ruled the land that the forest was next to.


Then came the day for the two men to invade, he fought til the death, til his very last breath. 


When they knew he was dead, they cut off his head. They tore through his forest, let the mortals destroy it.


Rejoiced in their win, that was battled in sin. They angered a god with humbabas pure blood.


At the end of the day, a price must be payed. Enkidu died, despite how they prayed. 


They knew what they’d done before it’d begun. The forest is gone all that’s left is a song. The tale of the time, when an innocent died.

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Our world


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