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When you speak to me, breathe sweet words into my ear drums through
Music speaks to me when you don't Headphones soup bowls bigger than my heart's holes  Hip hop a blessing an escape from the problem I'm not addressing shouting aggression yet soothing my depression
Forever endowed by thyself,
Youth. Innocent, playful, potential victim. Seeing the real world first hand, scared.
Tell me again that you know how I feel. 
Warbling voices Sorrowful words of reproach Lulling us through pain.
The meanest thing you ever did Was turn my life into a Taylor Swift song We could’ve been a beautiful Rascal Flatts Or a Martina McBride or maybe even a Darius Rucker But no. You had to turn us into
My heart's in the theatre, where all my dreams were made My heart's in the theatre, where those same dreams were laid, to rest, until I came back and found them once again,
Buildings rise to heaven unconstrained Leaving the unexplained disappearance of the sun and moon My boots beat against the dirty, wet sidewalk after last night's rainfall.
They sang in solemn tunes, Their voices sweet and tender; 'Swing low, sweet chariot, Coming for to carry me home.' They had come a long way to get to that day; Prejudice shook their right hand,
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