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Skin as white as snow Veins the color of grass Heart as broken as a flower,  Each and every petal plucked Mind as broken as a record machine Reliving memories of pain repeat-reapeat-repeating
Cut me open like you do those scars on your wrists. You use to hate the sight of blood, But now the sting and crimson oozing from your wrist has become your favorite addiction.
Beatings, bruising, cuts and scars Smiles to hide the pain Wishing on a shooting star That I could fly away   Heartbreak, tears, screams and cries Hidden day by day Covered up with laughter
She didn't act like that until they called her fat then they called her ugly Her best friend noticed what she was hiding she saw the scars on her wrist I guess she cut But why?
Long sleeves in mid summer. Always trying to trick the others. Covering up what The Cat has done, man many people are dumb. Walkin around in a daze. Putting fake smiles on your face,
One Cut, Two Cut, Three Cut,  Four.  How bad is a couple more?
Gripping the razor She admires its silver tone Exposing her wrist She examines her canvas She glides the razor Ever so gently Feeling the painful hole in her chest go away
She always looked for a silver lining But never thought it would be a silver razor One side dull The other thin, sharp Admiring it reflecting the single light in her room Gripping it in one hand
I wish you could see    how i long for thee.   More than just predictably or physically,   but rather relentlessly   
I don't think they realize how staring at these walls through blooshot eyes, can slowly kill you. You take so much in society that it slowly eats away at your soul. You begin to feel uncomfortabl 
One last time i look in the mirror my eyes red, blood shot unfinished tears running down my pale cheeks my hair's a mess tangled on top i cant even bare to meet my own reflection
No one would guess.Who would have thought?But two and two is four.Put it together.It can't be that hard.Look at me. Can't you see the pain?Can't you see the hurt?I wear a smile
Time goes by I'm glad that you're gone I hated everything about you Your color,the way you tasted, even the way you looked the pain you caused me by my peers will always be in my ears there remarks on my tone
Braces are painful. It cuts your gums and you bleed. But it is worth it.
if I were you, and you were me, how happy then would I be? I'd know how you feel, and you I, but would you be able to look me in the eye? for you'd know my secrets, all my lies,
The words scathing my ears, pouring from your mouth You assume that I do not understand But I suppose you haven't taken the time To see the scars beneath my hand   You don't know my struggles
They never looked into your eyes to see the empty deadness. They kept their eyes glued to your arms, looking for those crusted red lines.
some have battle scars some trip and fall some dive to the ground to make the winning score some rub against the brush on an adventure some have mean cats  The scars I have hurt the worst  They heal in a week or two But the scar in my head lasts f
A single breath One with no meth Last time, I agree Never, now I see My arms, in the light of the bar Are covered in hundreds of scars Some bottomless and some shallow And my wallet, very hollow
sometimes i see sharp objects blades that will pierce the skin till red hot flames come out the body in time the wound heals, it becomes just a scar of what had been damaged
One cut that’s all I need just one One turns into two and three Then I hope I’m done, But my mind had to disagree
She stands looking at herself with eyes of pure hatred. She picks out every flaw, every mistake; She burns that thought into her mind. No one can bully her the way she bullies herself.
They call him broke and bummy He got a 14 on his ACT, so no they're calling him a dummy.
the tiger. he watches me. he mocks me. he destroys me. his bright eyes watch. his bold stripes warn. his trained ears wait.
No one can see past the masquerade As all my thoughts and feelings fade. I can't either, I'm so lost Maybe death won't come with a cost.
You care huh? Where were you when blood dripped down my arm? Where were you when my pillow soaked with tears? Where were you when I was drowning in my own tears? Where are you now.
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