A Missed Text

One last time i look in the mirror

my eyes red, blood shot

unfinished tears

running down my pale cheeks

my hair's a mess

tangled on top

i cant even bare to meet my own reflection

with all my strength i have left

i push the button on my phone

and once again re-read that text

as i watch the screen go black

i lift my head

all i see is the glass

the mirror with my reflection shatters

glass, shattering, flying around

im surprised by my own scream of terror

as the razor sharp edges pierce my skin

and then all ends

the pain, the hate, self doubt, and depression

i drop to my knees 

surrounded with broken reflections

the closest piece, an arms length away

feels more like a mile

i crawl, force myself to teh cause of my numbness

i grip it in my hand

a little too tight as it draws blood

first i raise it to my face

catching the sight of me, making me flinch

slowly, like rope, i chop my hair off

it's all gone

once again i raise it, catching another glimpse

now im as ugly as you made me feel

still no help

and i lower the sharp blade

i brush it over my wrists

hesitating only a moment

now, drawing in air

i whisper i love you

though youre not here

and you dont care

i apply the pressure, the forgiving force

and pain shoots to my heart

paralyzing it

sufficating the pain you had pre-applied

ending everything

everything is getting harder to see

harder to hear

yet a faint ring in the background

my phone, a text

what started it all

too bad there wasnt a girl to answer



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