Being Me

No one can see past the masquerade
As all my thoughts and feelings fade.
I can't either, I'm so lost
Maybe death won't come with a cost.

Blood drips from my pale wrist
Life comes with a violent twist.
I can't be truly happy until I'm dead
Maybe that will be tonight, in my bed.

I'm so scared, so alone
No one sees me until I'm gone.
But then my name fades away
Just another lost soul, another sun ray.

You never get another chance at life, they say
Yet do they know what I've gone through today?
Maybe I never wanted a chance at life to start
The world may be a stage, but life is an art.

They say you're born for a reason
But all through this life I've only committed treason.
Parents are disappointed, family ashamed
I was not the one asking to be claimed.

Maybe someday someone will love me
Maybe someday I will feel free.
But right now I feel suffocated
I feel like I've been sedated.

I'm just so tired, so ready to give up
But no one will let me do that, no one will allow me to stop.
I just need an okay answer, to know they understand
To let me feel like they'll allow me to take deaths hand.

When I take death by the hand
I'll treat him as an old friend.
Never before will I have felt so free,
Never before will I have felt to be me.

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