the tiger


United States
36° 40' 1.416" N, 76° 25' 59.412" W

the tiger.

he watches me.
he mocks me.
he destroys me.

his bright eyes watch.
his bold stripes warn.
his trained ears wait.

perhaps if i cannot see him.
perhaps if he cannot see me.
perhaps if i can see tomorrow.

but he has razor claws.
but he has instant motions.
but he has murderous teeth.

maybe i can fight him.
maybe i can hurt him.
maybe i can save me.

remove a tooth.
remove a problem.
remove a sorrow.

risk of pain.
risk of tears.
risk of death.

my flesh is torn.
my faith is warn.
my life will mourn.

who will lie?
who will cry?
who will die?

the tiger?
the girl?
the sadness.


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