Black History Month

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I can make history By activating the youth As effective and honorably as Sojourner Truth I Can make history By guiding my fellow brethren Leading them to freedom like Harriet Tubman I Can Make history
I know I’m a month lateBut my black history shouldn’t have a dateSee my ancestors didn’t work plantations annually
Dear Oppressors,
Crowded pathways, cameras rolling, court's ruling, Do they know I'm just a child? School is school, does it matter if I'm black or white. I bleed the same color, Why does it matter if my skin is brown?
Tears Were Shed , Lessons Never Learned , Riots Arised , But The Tables Never Turned . Still No Justice , Police Brutality . And They Still Wanna Blame Us All Of Criminality.
Dr.  King said “I have a dream”, but his dream suffered homicide in the streets of our nightmares.Murdered by the people who were supposed to protect us.
I’m white, Caucasian, Dutch, Norwegian. I have no month To celebrate this background, But I have had 18 years To learn about my people My people— Who are not just white
Rest in tranquility because your sacrifices have planted seeds and born fruit beyond compare. Thank you for your valiancy and inspiration.   Thank you for your altruism, stoutheartedness, leadership, and I have a Dream Speech
Martin didn't "die" for us. You see, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Unfortunately this heroic man was so hated. Why? Because he wanted equal rights? What if Dr. King and others didn't fight?
Enslaved by thought so I carry the tale with worn feet, My kind was contained to cultivate something sweet. Sugar cane working, Rays from the sun start to sting- My ancestors with worn feet wished for fresh wings.
Take a look. What do you see? Lttle light skin me. Irrelevant much? Not exactly. And don't worry. You don't have to keep listening, Unless you find this interesting.  
First a week turned month 1976 Lincoln's Birthday to honor ancestors 
Your hatred is unreasonable, unfathomable, and irrational. So why continue to say that name in place of my own? You are the NIGGER  The low-down and the dirty. The hatred.
when she told me, “Straighten your hair, just to see what it looks like.” all i heard was, “Straighten your hair, so you look like me.” and i wondered then, if i did
We stood up for civil rights. We sat in for a cause. The arsons no longer burn. And what did we earn? African-Americans in politics Blacks in science Negroes in education Is it enough?
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