Black History Month United


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39° 1' 14.7612" N, 77° 0' 16.6536" W
United States
39° 1' 14.7612" N, 77° 0' 16.6536" W
United States
39° 1' 14.7612" N, 77° 0' 16.6536" W

Take a look.

What do you see?

Lttle light skin me.

Irrelevant much? Not exactly.

And don't worry.

You don't have to keep listening,

Unless you find this interesting.


What am i trying to say?

Black people are proud night & day,

But this is the month where black people are the proudest.

This month is perfect for the rest of us to not be left out.

Perfect to know what the big fuss is about.

Like it or not, black history has made us who we are.

Black or not,

You are affected in one way or another,

So why don't we all just reach out to each other.


Doesn't matter how.

Martin Luther King,

Shared his dream.

Rosa Parks,

Used no screams.

I might not be black,

But I'm using poetry.


I'm using poetry to put a little sense,

A little sense of humanity.

Be aware that they were a few ingredients of this recipe for equality.

The only ingredient missing is acceptance from all sides.

Rivalry is the wrong ingredient that'll give this cake a sour taste of self segregation.

I don't expect you to have desperation.

I only hope you take out of this a little motivation.

This is our generation. I want to be an inspiration.

I want to see every color together.

Yellow, Black, White, Red, Brown.


Why don't we take this month & share our black history knowledge.

In fact, this shouldn't be the only time for us to bond & neither should any other heritage month.

This should be 365 days a year.


Holding hands, no one should have to be ashamed.

No one should have to feel afraid of being judged.

Those judging are only jelly that they ain't a part of this party.

But I'm letting them know that i'll be saving them slices of that cake,

Because it's never too late.


Now just tell me if this cake will have the rest of the ingredients or will you leave to bake it myself,

Or will you help me fight?

But once I'm out your sight,

Don't forget,

Day or night,

These words are right.



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