The Hatred


Racist ass school in ohio
Jim Crowe Blvd
United States
34° 20' 17.8404" N, 92° 33' 5.3316" W

Your hatred is unreasonable, unfathomable, and irrational.

So why continue to say that name in place of my own?

You are the NIGGER 

The low-down and the dirty.

The hatred.

That is insidious  to your soul,

That runs deep and evil in your veins.


Being Black, this skin that I wear,

'Is it a sin?

Is it a curse?

'Tis neither

I hail from the Yuruba,

strong and proud

that is where my roots are found.


Oh Despair for who I am!

Is that your goal?

To make me feel ashamed of this abundance of melanin in my skin?

And I will speak to you elegantly, eloquently, and most of all


I am blessed to be colorblind.

These eyes see but not blacks, whites, or grays

but the soul you harbor,

inside of this earthly vessel.

I will not be swayed by the rot

that is your perception.


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