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Miami was a charm of a city What difference does that make me I learnt to rise and not feel usual hurt.  Time after time it was pleasure for every measure.   Love was the spice of my life 
My mind is a computer, It plays games, Process information, Turns to power-saving mode.   But if this is true, Then what are my disorders?   They are flash drives,
you are your worst inner demon. you destroy the beautiful things you’re given with such sharp words with such angry thoughts with such strong hands.   and you
a hunched and squeaking thing stalking you from mirror’s edge. perching with slender spider legs and teeth. blinding white and fragile as eggshells. clicking it’s tongue behind the light-bulbs. whispering
The beauty of the world has been masked with a false sense of acceptanceYou are designed In his favor and you aren't even smart enough to accept itWe simply continue to reflect on the irrelevant and neglect what's most import
Self esteem fizzles, Popping bubbles like tiny glass, Shattering myself worth, The clock on the wall strikes one, Darkness makes the room gloomy everything turns grey, As I close my eyes stars,
You can be stoic or Mesozoic,Euphoric or prehistoric,A philosophic sage orA hot tropic age yetThe fossils of your past,In the striations of your heart,Unveil the truth at last—
When I was young I was teased and called burned
I want to do ballet. NO. You’re not flexible enough. I want to do beauty pageants.  NO. You’re not near attractive. Ok.   I’ve made six A’s and one B this quarter.
We enter this world ready to learn and grow, Each of us vulnerable to information we do not yet know. While some are blessed with strong bonds and foundations from the start,
  May I ask who’s here when the tears keep falling with this here fear but I keep on calling will anyone ever come here
These walls of insecurities breach the subconscious and prevent perseverance Incoherence blown to oblivion there are exponential credentials of potential yet the lack of a free spirit 
Walking down the street Its more than a dream Its the reality that makes my soul want to jump out of me What I see is a frightening sight All different faces but no difference inside
I sit here today, thinking, and wondering why everything is the way it is, What is up in the sky?
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