Thank you


For the first boy

who thought

I was pretty

freshman year.


“Thank you”


For the boy

who took my pencil from me in english class

and treated me like a dog who wanted a treat.


“Thank you”


For the girls

who said

I can’t sing.


“Thank you”


For the boy

who tripped me in

middle school art class.


“Thank you”


For the creative writing teacher

who told me

I’m a good poet.


“Thank you”


For the women

who casted me

into my first

of many


“Thank you”


For the girls

who call me

a whore or

a slut or

a cheat or

a user

behind my back.


“Thank you”


For the boy

who hurt me

without knowing he taught me

that people can be mean,

to not trust anyone,

that anyone and everyone

can hurt me.


“Thank you”


For the girl who

bullied me for

a year

on the bus ride home,

who laughed at me,

who made me finally snap

and stand up for myself.


“Thank you”


For the boy

who has taught me

what love is,

and who raised my self esteem.

Who taught me to be proud of myself,

that I am not


Who saved me

from… going.


“Thank you the most”


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