You Are Beautiful

Mon, 11/04/2013 - 10:51 -- telvi1

These walls of insecurities breach the subconscious and prevent perseverance 
Incoherence blown to oblivion there are exponential credentials of potential yet the lack of a free spirit 
Forever trapped in the net of uncertainty and self doubt 
You only put in what you want out
So it can be easier to find your way out
You’re hit with storm clouds on once sunny days 
Your esteem goes in the wind blows and you realized the world’s cold
And sometimes it gets old
But you have to open your eyes because the  skies the limit
Life’s bitterness is that of a lemon but it can be sweet if you let be
So tear down those walls
And stomp on those insecurities, take back your certainty 
Life doesn’t have a warranty, you can’t take it back and get a new one
You are who you are for a reason 
Trust and believe in me 
You are beauty
Despite what you may think
You are beautiful
Despite how you may feel, you are Beautiful
You are a masterpiece in its own right, you are beautiful 
No matter how much it hurts, always remember…

You are beautiful


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