Feeling alone

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In passing, [Insert Name Here] looks like an ally for those who struggle, like someone who doesn't truly understand, like someone who hasn't gone through the same experiences.  
Bonjour. You look at my beauty, you look at my prevelent poisnous poise, And none would expect that I would have such a secret. But my outer shell does not reflect the inner noise 
Where has my life went? I feel like im living in a torment. All these years in jail ive spent. Sleeping in a 6 by 6 smaller than a tent. Proccessing  in a room with a nasty scent.
Apply yourself in school,
Now I know, Now I can feel, Now I remember. What it’s like to be alone, In a world full of people. In a room full of smiles, I feel empty. Looking past the faces,
For the first time in a long while I felt alone. Not just physically alone but deep down alone. Where do I belong if there is no true home or lace where I am truely wanted.... Pushed out and forgotten.   
Time is the wind in this storm A storm for both my body and mind My life is frozen, but time still runs Unliving, but faithful Unconscious, but consistent
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