Beastly Hallucinations

Bonjour. You look at my beauty, you look at my prevelent poisnous poise,

And none would expect that I would have such a secret.

But my outer shell does not reflect the inner noise 

That clouds my perception and makes lunacy frequent. 

My father has always been the town's fool 

Because of his quirky antics.

However, I assure that there are more details you'll

Find shocking and manic.

I confess, my father was taken to the mental home

And they came right after me.

It's because I spread stories of a beast that was alone 

And my love that he would plea. 

The children would gather to hear me sing 

Of the beautiful man he would become.

But the people feared what my imagination would bring.

So they locked me before I was too bothersome. 

I sat in a cell isolated and with no one to lean on. 

That's when I started to see talking objects and comforting teapots.

I learned humans are not to be truest

Because even the purest of things become wrongfully withered and rusted. 

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