Falling down... Will you get back up?

For the first time in a long while I felt alone. Not just physically alone but deep down alone. Where do I belong if there is no true home or lace where I am truely wanted.... Pushed out and forgotten. 
Alone from those best friends who have died and left you with only their spirit remaining. Nothing tangible to cling too. No one there to understand your deep despair? What is there to do but continue to be alone when no one sees the truth of your feelings... The reasons that they provided you with. 
It's hard... The question is what will you do now? Under all of the stress, pressure, facade that the world believes is you, image, obligations, projects, lack of one true home, division, hardship.... What will happen defeat, conquer, perpetual sadness, the covering up of the problem to live another day that same, with everyone else believing everything is okay. What will you do?  


Need to talk?

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