Discredited Emotions

In passing, [Insert Name Here] looks like an ally for those who struggle,

like someone who doesn't truly understand,

like someone who hasn't gone through the same experiences.


Because of this, they feel like they cannot talk about their past and present.

Congress passed a law saying, "[Insert Name Here] is prohibited from 

spilling their deepest darkest secrets.  They are not allowed to spill their heart

out or toshare with their (even) closest friends some of the worst shit that is

haunting from the pastand in real time.  They are not to get help or talk to

anyone about their experiences because they do not truely understand."


Whenever anyone of their friends is going through a rough time mentally-they 

try to let them know they aren't alone.  But to them [Insert Name Here] doesn't understand. 

How could they truely understand?  They are always happy, never down, never 

speaking about their emotions.  So when [Insert Name Here] finally is going to

open up, their friends dicredited their experiences, stating "You just wouldn't 



But what these friends don't know, is that the Congress who passed these laws

were really [Insert Name Here]'s parents.  Their parents never taught them the 

that it was good, it was healthy, it was normal to disclose your feelings and

emotions with people you love most.  That this can help you get professional

help or even simply feel better. [Insert Name Here] was tought to bottle it up,

to keep to themselves, that no one actually cares, that the depression in your 

head is ment to be kept a private affair.


So now [Insert Name Here] sits alone, tweeting their thoughts, writing poems,

crying to get it all out so they can go on their merry way-put on their mask-and

head to hang out with those same friends.

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