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All we are is just shadows Without bodies, immaterialized. What will matter then sifting through dark No flesh left to torture no substance left to taint This life haunts me
Do I even matter?Amongst the chatter,I hear the clatter, of the shatter,of my little heart.
Sitting next to the window Watching dust stay suspended in the air My breath does nothing Under the harsh yellow light  The window is cold And blues fill the void beyond the pane  Neon flickers to life
You wake up in the morning, terrified to leave your home ‘cause you know someone will shoot you if you’re out on your own. You contemplate wearing that black hoodie in your closet,
I wonder how The fates decide About who lives And about who dies I question the brick I’m walking on Should it be dirt? Or should it be stone? I look at the world With unkindly eyes 
Take responsibility And get things done Stop talking about doing things Or else, procrastination will catch up with you in the long run Good thoughts and words Only mean so much
Did someone put me here to live  or did they put me here to survive I live around people that don't have morals  but know the means of surviving  many of them strive to do good 
Bang! Another one down  A black main lies helpless on the ground People look and record with nothing to do  One reaches for their phone then another then two She falls next to him with tears in her eyes
The older generation talks about how we record everything and how we are always on social media but still has the right to comment under a video that's posted on social media and call us brain washed degenerates.  Just because I was born in this g
We go to school for about twelve years, but we have issues on the way to success. As we get older, the environment becomes more dangerous. The police become sinister and begin to destroy how God made us.
Here is the story of a little black girl,
Matter doesn't matter, it's chemicals that scatter. It's your food, it's air, it's water. It's human and nature. It's infinite space around us. It flows like rivers and falls like snow.
Matter, I Matter, do you Matter? What Matters?
just because there are bigger problems in the world doesn't mean yours
Mind over matter But what really matters Controlling your mind or leaving the matter to the master
We wonder how the world revolves around us, the situations that happens in other places, but do we stop to see what happens within our lives? To see the great power and virtue in ourselves,
It's your turn to listen to me now.
i am void i am powerless not special completely worthless i am forgotten or i will be soon i expect to be depressed but this is not doom i open my mouth in a new light
Throught life you have to take decision and whether its positive or   negative, life goes on
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