Matter of Minutes

Sitting next to the window

Watching dust stay suspended in the air

My breath does nothing

Under the harsh yellow light 

The window is cold

And blues fill the void beyond the pane 

Neon flickers to life

Stinging my eyes

How I wonder


Sand beneath toes

Painted ocean blues 

Failing to capture the mesmorizing beauty

Crashing never sounded beautiful 

Until it hits dunes of sand

White foam lasting minutes

Before disappearing under the scourching light

Stinging my eyes

How I wonder


Crickets sing their sorrowful tune

White light bleeds between trunks

Trunks that last a lifetime

To fall in a matter of minutes

Shadows dance on bare feet

The light kissing the ground around

My eyes sting

How I wonder


This poem is about: 
Our world


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