LIfe Goes On No Matter What.


Throught life you have to take decision and whether its positive or   negative, life goes on

Life about whether you take advantage or not anything you do may      cause joy or dolefulness but life goes on no matter what.

As day and years go by you realize that you have made marvelous or harsh decisions but no matter what the circumstance is

Life goes on and you can’t look back at bad because you will torment yourself through your journey. Your life is base on your decision as a human being; life’s about living and dying there is no other way to it.
 You either play the cards right or you play the cards wrong it up to you whether you have a prosperous life or a life where you will regret your life taking desicions

Life’s easy but you complicate it
life’s good but you ruin it
life goes on no matter what your decision were, are, or based on

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Life is borrowed Life is not giving If it was givingwe would live forever
enjoy it becuase it only comes one time lifes unpridictablelife great life has up and down
but if you fight them you can overcome them No matter what lifes life and you are one of many but one that can make a diffrence,Lifes great



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