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As a kiddie, school was cool, My teacher rolled on her stool. But this wasn't about school, It’s about my trips like a fool.
Goodbye Tatay*   Dear Tatay, I still find myself talking about you in present tense. It’s been twelve years since I flew from Manila, I wish when I picked up the bags I was aware of the permanence.
"GFV" As he landed on this rich land that is covered with dirt,the old man said 'shit' when it literally means to shoot.I was asked to jump out of the building because I misheard it,I asked "from which floor?'Maybe just alittle brain will do, they
57 Dead. 35 Days.  If drugs were the problem Why is murder the solution? Rehabilitation - an offer not worth refusing
We all had it coming.
Women of color need poetry Because the pillaging, colonizing, and mining, of our lands is justified.  
Why I Never Want to be a Mother I never want to be a mother because I am not perfect. I know no damn thing about cooking, and as far as I concern, I hate doing the dishes.
Head in the clouds, I see skyscrapers below, the ocean seemed crystal clear, so i search the deep blue waters and, everything is submerged into a blur I saw junk, rust, metal scraps and corpses
Traveling, exploring, acquainting. These things comprised my summer. Expanding my horizons to new places new people, new ideas, new eras of my life  
After an interminable drive, I arrive at Muntinlupa Park, a mostly empty field with two rusty soccer goals and a small amphitheater. I begin setting up my Ez-up tent as the local prisoners from New Bilibid march by.
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