Off and From

As a kiddie, school was cool,
My teacher rolled on her stool.
But this wasn't about school,
It’s about my trips like a fool.

Elementary was the prime,
With the walks all the time.
I learned to ride by myself,
I learned to walk with myself.

After school, the beaming yellow is gone.
Instead I meet, the glooming color on.
I walked a while with these bitty legs,
Then waited for a metal lump that begs.

I always had three coins instead of seven
But I sit on my friend to make it even!
The man on the wheels complain,
I smile and say “look a plane!”

That wasn’t the end though,
My trips to school was the flo,
There I saw moons so big,
There I saw ghosts like twig.
There I met 24k humans,
There I met $1 men.
There I met rotten people,
There I also met golden people.

My trips from school was the best,
It was there I learned all the rest!
Not from school, not from home
But on the road with the world.

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