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February born makes them one of a kind They’re bold, fearless and extremely truthful Often telling unpleasant truth on face than a lie They’ve great ideas, and think outside the box
She is like a fire Beautiful and bright Dangerous if you get too close Yet beautiful to sight   She is like a fire Burning and gold Independent, determined, mischevious, and bold  
How esoteric? No one could figure this out Mysterious and puzzling As situations come about The people are speaking But, there is lots of ambiguity Unless we remove these clouds No one will see clearly
Tick tick tick A silent wish One owned by quietness Tock tock tock
The school bell rings And I slip through the back door
What is life? Life is an adventure, a mystery, a gift it's a beautiful thing as it changes, and shifts. Life gives us things we don't understand she has no mercy, she's at times out of hand. That is life.
8:00 AM: walk into Starbucks, only a block away from the office; order the regular, extra foam.
My lover has no name, his story has no end.  If only I knew how to think, then I'd know where to begin.  He's so incomplete the missing piece from a puzzle that's been discarded. 
  Via Picture Frame             Picture via frame             Timelines render figures of black             Silent, swift, messy             Turn a blind eye
You wake in a daze, unsure of your fate. You feel afraid, in a rather strange state.   Where am I, you wonder aloud. How did I get to NYC, as you hurry through the crowd.  
Instantaneous instinct in the shadows of My yesterday; the nostalgic scent sickens me. What used to plunge my soul in hypnosis Is now a long-lost, hurtful memory, A reflection in which I've built immunity
Philosophy Mysterious, Difficult Thinking, Reasoning, Thinking Why are we here? To be.
Here here, come come, I say I say Thou sullen traveler, ye irksome stray. Where forego thy errands lie,Whither thou goest over stone and under sky,To reach what destination thereby? 
~Give me a glass and our eyes will do the talking ~Maybe names could be exchanged ~By midday we'll tango,five you'll be flirting, and by six you'll be my ecstasy
We act meticulous. We think mysterious. We walk alone. We're never done. We become lazy. We get hungry. We never cry. We never die.
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