The Ballad of Life


What is life?

Life is an adventure, a mystery, a gift

it's a beautiful thing as it changes, and shifts.

Life gives us things we don't understand

she has no mercy, she's at times out of hand.

That is life.


What is life?

Life is dissappointing, an excuse for some

to make bad decisions and act really dumb.

Life can be sad, unbearable sometimes

for those who choose not to feel sublime.

That is life.


What is life?

Life is complicated, and cannot be exchanged

for a gift such as life cannot be arranged.

She is given to the blessed, without a doubt

she has no instructions, no compass, no route.

That is life. 


What is life?

Life is impossible to explain, thus this poem has no use

life is something we must not abuse.

So then the purpose of this is to merely amuse,

for you can see life in any form as you choose.

The truth, put in simpler terms, is that life is beautiful.


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