★ Clockwork Heart ★


Tick tick tick

A silent wish

One owned by quietness

Tock tock tock

Tick tick tick

Oil erases rust off the handle

Light covers the candle

Dust can no longer sever

The path of the lever

Tock tock tock

Tick tick tick

Gears turning

Metal on metal learning

Completed rotation

With sharp motivation

Tock tock tock

Tick tick tick

Sound of Gladness

Gears turning like madness

Number's faces clear as glass

Time with its favorite music alas

Tock tock tock...
Tick tock tick
Fuel running low
Wick burnt beyond sew
My hearts clock creaking to a halt
To be tortured with the sting of salt
Tick tock tick tock....
Only once ticked never again tocked
only locked
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Our world
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