Mysteries at Nightfall

You wake in a daze,

unsure of your fate.

You feel afraid,

in a rather strange state.


Where am I,

you wonder aloud.

How did I get to NYC,

as you hurry through the crowd.


It occurs to you then,

you're in a world of mystery.

A place unknown,

of forgotten history.


It's nothing but a dream,

yet it seems so real.

You become lucid,

and go for a thrill.


To the top of the skies,

you fly like a rocket.

Exiting the galaxy,

no need for an air pocket.


All physics have vanished,

there are no rules in play.

You own the world here,

so take it away.


Meet fictional characters,

go to a land unseen.

Whatever you want goes,

your creativity is the one key.


It's been called a phenomena,

a power long-doubted.

It's finally catching on,

lucid dreaming's path rerouted.




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